Don’t forget to re-seal the gearbox with RTV following you’ve got located the correct mixture. Even though they are called “gaskets”, they will not seal your gearbox on their possess.

If every little thing appears normal, consider changing the gear-mesh. This is accomplished with the mylar “gaskets” that sit amongst the main gearbox case and the enter/output caps. Try including or getting rid of some of these spacers until your gears have roughly 1/eight”-1/four” of totally free enjoy. Experts can get replacements ($one-two) in varying thicknesses, but we advocate the fast and dirty method of reducing your personal out of a sheet of mylar.

“Groaning”, “creaking”, or “popping” all audio variety-of related in excess of-the-telephone. The very best factor to do is to disassemble your gearbox and consider a appear at the gears and bearings. The issue will normally present alone in the way of broken/lacking gear teeth, toasted gears (like that photograph on our home webpage), or blown bearings.

My Gearbox is Groaning/Creaking:

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