S-Flex Sleeves
Flexible sleeves for S-Flex couplings are available in 3 materials (EPDM, Neoprene, and Hytrel) and in 3 standard designs: 1 piece sound, one-piece split, or two piece
JE, JN, JES and JNS Types
JE and JN Sort sleeves feature a one-piece sound style and design
JES and JNS Sort sleeves attribute a one-piece split design
JE and JES Style sleeves are molded in EPDM material
JN and JNS Type sleeves are molded in Neoprene material
E and N Types
E and N Sort sleeves function a two-piece style with retaining ring
E Variety sleeves are created from EPDM material and are obtainable in sizes 5-16
N Variety sleeves are made from Neoprene materials and are offered in sizes 5-14
Two piece sleeves are ideal for applications exactly where modest shaft separations inhibit the set up of the one piece sleeve
H and HS Types
H and HS Type sleeves are designed for high torque applications, transmitting about four times as a lot energy as an equivalent EPDM or Neoprene sleeve
Hytrel sleeves are available in the one-piece strong (H) or two-piece split (HS) construction
Hytrel sleeves can be made use of only with S or SC flanges and may not be used with J or B flanges
Hytrel sleeves need to not be utilised as direct replacements for EPDM or Neoprene applications
H and HS Kind sleeves are available for sizes 6-14 (sizes 13 and 14 are available in HS only)